Exploring the Karoo’s Wild Flower Trail

Wild Flower Route Read More The Western Cape’s National Fynbos Wild Flower Route, Touws River 08 January 2024 Located just 2 hours outside of Cape Town, in the Western Cape, lies Touws River, a small yet enchanting town on the fringe of the Great Karoo. While unassuming at first, each Spring, the town transforms in […]

Spring Wild Flower Hunt in Touws River

Wild Flower Hunt Read More Spring Wild Flower Hunt in the Karoo, Touws River 05 January 2024 Springtime in Touws River marks the transformation of the natural Karoo landscape into a kaleidoscope of colours and botanical shapes. And, just two hours outside of Cape Town, the Annual Spring Wild Flower Hunt  unveils the start of […]

The Loganda Pillars

The Loganda Pillars Read More The Loganda Pillars, South Africa’s First Astronomical Monument 03 January 2024 The Loganda Pillars stand as silent sentinels on the edge of South Africa’s vast and untamed Great Karoo. Here, in the small railway town of Touws River, these two concrete pillars are a celestial marvel to all who encounter […]

Planting a Tree in Honour of Thembekile Mandela

Honouring Thembekile Mandela Read More Planting a Tree in Honour of Madiba Thembekile Mandela 28 December 2023 On a somber Sunday, July 13, 1969, tragedy struck along the N1 in Touws River, claiming the life of Madiba Thembekile Mandela, the eldest son of former South African President Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela. Upon his release in 1990, one […]

The Madiba Thembekile Mandela Monument

The Thembekile Mandela Monument Read More The Symbolism of the Madiba Thembekile Mandela Memorial Monument 27 December 2023 In the heart of Touws River, South Africa, a somber yet profound tribute stands, transcending the passage of time. The Thembekile Mandela Monument, unveiled on 13 July 2019, pays homage to a tragic event etched in the […]

Exploring The Great Karoo Grasslands

Image showing a mountainous terrain within the Karoo Grassland Biome

Home About Us Accommodation Gallery Contact Us The Great Karoo Grasslands Read More Explore the Great Karoo Grasslands, an Ever-Changing Canvas of Colour and Life 28 November 2023 Nestled in the heart of South Africa, the Great Karoo Grasslands as a vast and enchanting landscape, waiting to be discovered by those seeking adventure off the […]

Khoisan Bushman Rock Art in the Karoo

Khoisan Rock Art Read More Khoisan (Bushman) Rock Art in the Great Karoo 20 November 2023 The Great Karoo holds a vast and ancient landscape teeming with life and history. Scattered across rocky outcrops, shallow caves, and weathered boulders, are the paintings and engravings of the Khoisan people. Their unique rock art paintings provide a […]