Wild Flower Route

The Western Cape's National Fynbos Wild Flower Route, Touws River

08 January 2024

Located just 2 hours outside of Cape Town, in the Western Cape, lies Touws River, a small yet enchanting town on the fringe of the Great Karoo. While unassuming at first, each Spring, the town transforms in a spectacular display of colour as the Cape’s world-famous Fynbos floral landscapes come alive. A true hidden gem for nature enthusiasts and Western Cape wild flower seekers, Touws River marks the first stop along the National Fynbos Wild Flower Route.

What is Fynbos?

Fynbos is a distinctive vegetation type found in South Africa, characterised by its diverse array of flora, including proteas, ericas, and restios. Touws River (and its surrounding areas) boasts an incredible variety of Fynbos floral species, creating a breathtaking scene every Spring. These resilient flowers and succulent plants have adapted to the region’s semi-desert climate, making this unique landscape a natural wonder for botanists and nature lovers all over the world.

The Western Cape Fynbos Wild Flower Route

The Fynbos Wild Flower Route is a meandering trail across the Western Cape, beginning in Touws River. The Western Cape’s wild flowers have earned their status as an iconic South African attraction, showcasing the region’s rich floral diversity and endemic fynbos vegetation. The best time to explore the National Wild Flower Route is during the Southern Hemisphere’s Spring months (August to October), when the fynbos flowers burst into a riot of colours, transforming the Klein (Little) Karoo and Western Cape’s vast countryside into a mesmerising floral wonderland.

Exploring the Wild Flower Route

Touws River

Touws River offers several prime locations for flower enthusiasts, including the Huisrivier Pass and surrounding hills, where you can witness the Fynbos in full bloom against the backdrop of the stunning landscape.

Anysberg Nature Reserve

Anysberg Nature Reserve’s vegetation boasts exquisite mountain fynbos with its colourful scrubby appeal and Klein Karoo veld. This means that thorny succulents stand next to proud Proteas, showcasing the true beauty of the South African Karoo countryside.

Kaggakamma Nature Reserve

Just a short drive from Touws River, Kaggakamma Nature Reserve is a must-visit destination for those seeking an immersive Fynbos experience. The reserve is home to an array of indigenous plants, and guided walks provide insights into the unique ecology of the region.


This charming village, steeped in history, is a delightful stop along the Wild Flower Route. Stroll through the streets lined with historic buildings and explore the local flora that graces the surroundings.

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