Wild Flower Hunt

Spring Wild Flower Hunt in the Karoo, Touws River

05 January 2024

Springtime in Touws River marks the transformation of the natural Karoo landscape into a kaleidoscope of colours and botanical shapes. And, just two hours outside of Cape Town, the Annual Spring Wild Flower Hunt  unveils the start of an enchanting journey through the Western Cape’s National Flower Route. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Langeberg and Outeniqua Mountains, the wild flowers in Touws River mark the start of this blossoming adventure through the Tankwa Karoo.

Starting the Western Cape Wild Flower Route

It’s no surprise that Touws River holds a special place along the Western Cape’s National Flower Route as, every year, the entire area transforms into a canvas of vivid hues and striking floral shapes between July and September. The town marks the official start of the spring flower route, as the Karoo’s wild flowers, succulent Cape fynbos, and rare renosterveld vegetation comes alive, offering locals and travellers a mesmerising display of South Africa’s natural floral beauty.

Wild flower seekers and nature enthusiasts are invited to join us in Touws River and its surrounding countryside for the annual Spring Wild Flower Hunt. Touws River Tourism have created a downloadable Wild Flower Checklist, allowing travellers to record their wild flower experience while also aiding participants in identifying and appreciating the intricate diversity of these unique fynbos blooms.

The Touwsrivier Wild Flower Hunt

Touws River is strategically situated on the outskirts of the Great Karoo, cradled between the majestic Langeberg and Outeniqua Mountains. This valley serves as a gateway, separating the Little Karoo from the coastal strip of the Garden Route. Despite its proximity to Cape Town, Touws River has maintained its tranquil atmosphere and remote, old-town charms. Perched on the banks of the Touwsrivier, this historic Karoo town promises a serene and picturesque adventure.

‘Touws,’ derived from the Hottentot word for ‘gate,’ aptly describes the town as the gateway to Route 62, also known as the longest wine route in the world. A popular stopover point between Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town, Touws River remains standing as a symbolic doorway to South Africa’s vast and untamed interior landscapes.  

Find Them, Tick Them, Please Don't Pick Them

While the allure of these wild flowers is irresistible, we urge all participants to adopt a “find them, tick them, please don’t pick them” approach. Preserving the delicate ecosystem ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy the natural wonders of Touws River’s incredible floral landscape and the Western Cape’s National Flower Route.

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Spring Wild Flower Hunt in Touws River